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We are an association of owner-managed heating and sanitary wholesalers. Our strengths lie in joint purchasing activities, an open exchange of opinions and the targeted use of synergies for efficient processes and maximum benefit for each individual member. We believe in the power of personality. Owner-managed tradition in an informal atmosphere. We do business at eye level. And often with a handshake.

IGH – a strong community

Clout, negotiation management, purchase price optimisation, searching for supply sources, marketing ...

We solve issues which the wholesale trade deals with every day as a community. We pool the strengths of our individual members to form a powerful alliance. Not everyone has to be able to do everything or have everything ready to hand. If one of us has it, we all have it. This saves money and makes us incredibly effective.

Cooperation, concentration, trust, independence, partnership at eye level ...

These are the values that make our community strong and that turn the above goals into results. As an owner-managed organisation, our members remain their independence and are free from constraints. But when it does make sense, our common goal, coordinated activities and concentration make us effective and successful.

Our joint purchasing and marketing activities strengthen each individual member. Every part of the IGH benefits from our connections. This is how genuine partnership comes into being, day after day.

In order to enhance the attractiveness and exclusivity of our product ranges, we offer our partners our own in-house brand, the Profiline series. This gives you products that are in line with market requirements at fantastic purchase prices and you avoid market comparability at the same time. These products are available in the three core areas of heating, plumbing and installation.


Profiline - IGH’s own brand

Profiline combines top quality with technical perfection and outstanding design. This diverse product portfolio makes your personal wishes come true. And quality doesn't have to be expensive! We at Profiline are proud of our outstanding price-performance ratio. Let Profiline inspire you.

State-of-the-art products: stylish - clever - elegant - technically mature! You can look forward to creative fireworks all around the themes bathrooms - heating - installation - renewable energies. Enjoy browsing and exploring…

Information about the Profiline series is available from all IGH members. Profiline brochures are available in the download area.

IGH Interessensgemeinschaft Haustechnik
Profiline – die Hausmarke der IGH